Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A super creepy clip from Youtube that will blow gords!

Creepy level 7 and if you watch this in a totally dark room after midnight. You will turn into a purple unicorn and fly away to creepyasfuckastan. So basically the puppet realizes he is not human. So he then kills himself by the strings held by his master.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Youtube clips that will shock you and your ugly sister.

Look another dude claiming to be 'The Messiah'! 47-year-old Queensland man has a bunch of followers. This is a cult and his followers fund his movement. Alan John Miller uses donations to acquire property for sanctuaries - in preparation for doomsday. 

This is what a dance off in Pakistan looks like. Dudes go crazy and bust some super fresh shit all over the place. Take notice one does not choose to have flavor, flavor chooses you. 

In Dahab, Egypt this lady is a yoga superstar! I would love to see an update on how that child has developed over time. This clip looks older. This looks like a freaking fake kid but nope that is her real child! Her name is Lena and she is a qualified PE teacher in her native Russia. Totally LEGIT! 

These kids are crazy and I think one of these dudes is the kid from the above yoga clip. Russia again? Get bored fast forward to 1:30 into the video.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clips from Youtube that should make you laugh but may make you angry or sad.

I will be posting funny, insane and disturbing videos on this blog. I want to post clips that make you say, "Can you believe this shit?" 

The news woman can't seem to make it through this story, but the guy is clearly used to delivering breaking news about farts.

This lady is absolutely insane and this is her dating profile video. Sit back and enjoy the feline ride. Oh yea, think about how many more dates she would have got if she loved cocks as much as she loves cats.