Friday, September 26, 2014

Joe Rogan, Diaz, Redban Trifecta discuss the world famous Wallendas tightrope family.

Good stuff, just some funny guys talking about a crazy stunt by Nik Wallenda at the site of his fathers death. Language is more than colorful if you are sensitive to that free speech.

On March 22, 1978, during a promotional walk in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Karl Wallenda fell from the wire and died. It was between the towers of Condado Plaza Hotel, 10 stories high. He was 73. Nik Wallenda completed the walk on June 4, 2011, with his mother, Delilah. 

Look at this guy!

What a smug old fart. Hand in the pocket and that gangster lean is something special. I must say my old friend I am impressed! If he was selling some magical elixir that cures baldness, I am buying that shit! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

Tinder is one of the most popular apps on the market, so we wanted to find out what happens when a girl dresses up in a fat suit and goes on a Tinder date.

Check out this clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Native Advertising

The line between editorial content and advertising in news media is blurrier and blurrier. That's not bullshit. It's repurposed bovine waste. John once again crafts a creative beat down of the topic on the table. I am a huge fan! 

Two reporters talk openly during a commercial break thinking no one can hear them.

Two reporters talk openly during a commercial break thinking no one can hear them. Reporter puts down people on public assistance and drops F bomb. I love the face the anchorman makes when it all starts to hit home. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A super creepy clip from Youtube that will blow gords!

Creepy level 7 and if you watch this in a totally dark room after midnight. You will turn into a purple unicorn and fly away to creepyasfuckastan. So basically the puppet realizes he is not human. So he then kills himself by the strings held by his master.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Youtube clips that will shock you and your ugly sister.

Look another dude claiming to be 'The Messiah'! 47-year-old Queensland man has a bunch of followers. This is a cult and his followers fund his movement. Alan John Miller uses donations to acquire property for sanctuaries - in preparation for doomsday. 

This is what a dance off in Pakistan looks like. Dudes go crazy and bust some super fresh shit all over the place. Take notice one does not choose to have flavor, flavor chooses you. 

In Dahab, Egypt this lady is a yoga superstar! I would love to see an update on how that child has developed over time. This clip looks older. This looks like a freaking fake kid but nope that is her real child! Her name is Lena and she is a qualified PE teacher in her native Russia. Totally LEGIT! 

These kids are crazy and I think one of these dudes is the kid from the above yoga clip. Russia again? Get bored fast forward to 1:30 into the video.